Life or Death

Life or Death

Blank screen. A long straight bar running through it. Silence. Doctors racing. People crying. They tried to save her. They really did. But it was too late. The disease had taken her body and stripped the happiness from her loved ones. They wonder why it had to take her. But they knew that it was inevitable. They had only hoped that her case of breast cancer could be treated, but they now know that it couldn’t, because she’s gone. That’s the case for a lot of breast cancer patients. Do something now to help, because anyone in this situation would do the same; they know how bad it hurts.

Nancy G. Brinker, of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, had felt that pain when her sister, Susan, perished from breast cancer. She promised that she would somehow find a way to end cancer for her sister’s sake. The Komen project is what she started. It is the world’s largest breast cancer organization, raising 800 million dollars towards research; and 1.6 billion towards helping families dealing with the disease. That money is also used for funding the screening, education, and treatment of this vicious disease.

This disease not only handicaps innocent people and their physical health, but it also changes their lives completely. They won’t know what hit them. They keep spinning down, down, down, consumed by the darkness around them. Swallowed. Whole. Like Jonah in the whale. “I felt like I was staring down the barrel of a gun, waiting to find out how many bullets were inside,” says Kris Carr, Pittsburgh breast cancer survivor, “It taught me how to listen to my brilliant inner guide, brought me back to nature (my church), the garden, and my kitchen (my pharmacies), and connected me more deeply with the people and animals who set my heart ablaze.”  Kris shows that if you stick to your roots and loved ones then coping isn’t so unbearable. This is a prime example of one of the many strong fighters out there that Brinker is just dying to help. Some might even call her a savior from above sent just for the sole purpose of helping breast cancer patients.

Many ways Komen Pittsburgh raises money is through little events such as “Painting with a Purpose,” on November 17th, which will be held at West, in Robinson. This is a great chance to relax while spending some nice quality time with loved ones and coming home with a refrigerator worthy painting, while raising money for other people and their loved ones who might be suffering with breast cancer. This is just a small step to finding the cure to the disease that causes so much suffering. Nancy G. Brinker is a role model to follow. Give a little back to the community. Be a part of the big picture in life: helping others. Who knows, it might just save somebody’s life.

Thousands of people dressed in pink, waving signs engulfed with inspiration meant for anyone who needs it, but targeted towards those trapped in the fight. They grasp towards the light, or for these people, the difference between them unknown, both giving them the strength they need to continue. Lined up at the starting line, joyous and giggling. Families, friends, and couples all joined for the same reason: to raise money to help. Now, isn’t that the world everyone should want to live in?